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There are many different reasons people attempt a retrofit. People want to make the switch to LED lighting for the savings, for the time spent changing bulbs, maybe they just want better lighting. You may have a different reason but the point is making sure the retrofit goes as smoothly as possible. Satco provides some of the best LED lighting for businesses. That means you will need a few Satco LED retrofit Tips to make sure everything goes according to plan. 

You can utilize the best Satco LED retrofit tips to save money, create amazing lighting, and reap the benefits of using LEDs. 

You can utilize the best Satco LED retrofit tips to save money, create amazing lighting, and reap the benefits of using LEDs. 

Satco LED Retrofit Tips | What is the Goal

No one, business owner or not, should start a retrofit for no reason. There should be a reason and you should know what that reason is before you even get started. The goal is to make sure that you can find the right lighting solutions that fit your needs. Most LEDs come with the same benefits like a longer lifespan per bulb, less energy being used, and more. However, they do differ when it comes to how much light they provide. Determine your needs and come up with a budget before you get started shopping around. 

Satco LED Retrofit Tips LED Lighting Panel

Determine Unique Needs

A basic office won’t need to follow many Satco LED retrofit tips as the problem has an easy solution. However, there are some places that need to figure out unique issues. For example, you will need lighting that can withstand moisture and heat if you are doing a retrofit in a kitchen. There is also the possibility that you won’t need as many lighting fixtures when you make the switch. Do a couple of rounds of research in your business to determine what you might need and where you need it. 

Satco LED Retrofit Tips | Get an Energy Audit

The most important tip of all the Satco LED retrofit tips is to get an energy audit. Most energy providers offer free audits for businesses that determine energy costs. In fact, these audits will tell you where the most energy is used and how much money is spent. This is a great way for you to see where you can get the most benefits from your LED retrofitting. 

Satco LED Retrofit Tips Row of Lights

Review Solutions

There are a few different ways to do a retrofitting. You could do a one to one replacement which means you just replace the old fixtures for the new LED fixtures. You could also determine if you need to remove fixtures, add fixtures, whatever is necessary. Of course, there is also the option of just buying Satco LED bulbs that work in the old fixtures. However, the last option may not provide you with the most benefits. In fact, you may not even be able to just replace old bulbs with new LED bulbs unless the fixture and the bulbs are compatible. 

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