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Does lighting affect vision in your business? Yes, it absolutely does and it can be used to help your business. Of course, there are also ways lighting can hurt your business as well. But it is important to understand how to use lighting in your business to get them most out of your lighting.

How does lighting affect vision in your business? It affects vision in many ways for employees and for customers or clients.

Does Lighting Affect Vision | Points of Interest

How does lighting affect vision in your business? It affects vision in many ways for employees and for customers or clients. There are businesses out there who have nailed using lighting to help direct people to where they want them. Remember the days of K-Mart’s “Blue Light Specials”? That is a great example of an obvious way lighting affects business. However, lighting tactics don’t need to be so obvious. Instead, businesses can use lighting to create shadows and pathways that people will follow. Of course, most businesses will want to use as much lighting as possible. However, playing with shadows is key to a unique experience. You can shine brighter lights on things that are on sale or add different colored lights to make something seem more special than the rest of your store. The old, “blue light special”.

Does Lighting Affect Vision Inside of a Boutique Store with Random Items on Shelves for Sale

True Light

It is important to understand that not all light is the same. For example, a blue product may look more purple in light that has more of a yellow tint to it. This can be especially important depending on what type of business. The safest bet is to get your lighting as close to daylight colors as possible. LEDs are very capable of mimicking sunlight which is not only easier on the eyes. In fact, sunlight will show true colors of products or even advertising.

Set a Mood

Aesthetic is everything these days for businesses. People are always looking for an experience more so than anything else. How does lighting affect vision for an experience? Lighting is key to setting a mood, no matter what mood you want to set. Think about haunted mazes or romantic restaurants. Each business uses lighting in different ways to create a mood by playing with the vision of clients or customers. Want a more romantic, quiet setting? Go for dim lighting that gently flickers which is easy with LEDs. Want to scare the pants off a guest? Use bright lights that flash instead of staying on consistently. There are so many possibilities.

Does Lighting Affect Vision Store Front with Lots of Light Fixtures in the Windows

Different Fixtures

Another way lighting affects vision in a business is through the fixtures themselves. There are LED light strips, can lights, up lighting, down lighting, sconces, wall packs, and so many other types of fixtures at your disposal. People can paly around with the different fixtures to get different results. This variety of light is perfect for keeping someone’s attention longer. For example, use LED light strips in display cases and up lighting to change the colors of a wall. You can even use spotlights to draw as much attention to a specific area as you want. People will always shop with their eyes first, that is why making everything clearly visible is especially important.

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