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LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, but what makes this a great thing to switch to when it comes to lighting in your home or in your business? Due to costs, switching to LEDs is often overlooked as an option. However, there are many reasons why making the switch turns out to be cost efficient. Many people know that LED bulbs last longer and take less energy while in use.

Still, there’s more to know when you use LED lighting that should be known before buying your next light bulb.

Why Use LED Ligthing- (1)Silence is Power

While working at your desk or reading a book at home you may hear a faint humming sound. This sound is most likely coming from the light bulb you’re using. That sound is also eliminated when using LED bulbs. You’ll find that LED bulbs produce light, not sound or any mixture of the two.


LED lights can be focused in many different ways. This shows up and is mostly used in businesses that have shelves full of products. You will also see this in museums and art exhibits. You can use this at home as well to draw visitors attention to family photos or art pieces hanging on the walls.

Use LED Lights to Dim

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Dimming Not Losing

When dimming bulbs from the past, you may notice a difference in the color of light or the hue. Using LED bulbs in fixtures with dimmers is very effective. You won’t lose the color or hue from the light. Instead, it will just dim as you intend.


Older bulbs use up more energy, even worse, not all of that energy is used to create light. Most older bulbs will emit heat causing the danger of fire or burnt hands. LED bulbs use only the energy they need, and only to create light. This means they won’t get hot and reduce the risk of fires or injuries.

Use LED Lights Outside

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LED lights can be used just about anywhere, even underwater. Many people have found that making the switch to LEDs for holiday decor or accent lighting has proven to be very efficient. Dropping the costs of having the craziest, most beautiful house during the holidays.


LED bulbs have fewer ingredients than older bulbs. One of those absent ingredients is Mercury. The absence of Mercury allows LED bulbs to be less harmful to the environment.

Light Now

LED’s require no warm up time. When you flip the switch to the lights, you get light. Making LEDs not only cost-efficient but time efficient as well.

There are so many ways to earn the money back that had been spent on making the switch to LEDs. When you’re ready, we can help make that switch. We will work to help you find the proper bulb and show you how we found the perfect bulb for you. That way you not only get the bulb but get the knowledge you can use in the future.

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