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The holidays are here and that means lights. While during the December holidays you’re more likely to use lights, other holidays can use a little light as well. Most often, Halloween is known for less light and more fright. However, using lights strategically can make for scarier thrills and chills during the season of scares.

If you’re looking to make your Halloween lighting spooky without the cost, make sure you use them right.

Halloween Lighting Made Easy


One of the scariest things about Halloween is the unknown. In order to keep the imagination going in the right direction, you need to use darkness as a tool. Use lights to create shadows where you need them. Focus people’s attention one way and let the scares come from the shadows.


LED lights are a great way to add color to any room or decor you may have available. Color is also a great way to dim the lights and allow for an ambiance to be achieved. Setting the scene with red or orange is a great way to keep the scares visible.

Fire Hot

While LED lighting won’t create the heat of a flame, you can definitely make it look like there are flames. Mix the colors of the flames against a wall and add some flickering and you’ve got a fire that won’t cost you anything in damages.

Halloween Lighting is Spookier With LED


Combining fog with any color lighting is a great way to keep it dim and spread throughout. Fog will carry the light and surround people in it making them feel like the room is smaller and scarier. Especially if you’re building a haunt for people to walk through. Use the mix of fog and light to throw the senses off.

A Slow Flicker

Strobes are commonly used during Halloween though they may not be the best option. Instead, you want a slow flicker or a randomly timed strobe. Fast, constant strobes could cause headaches instead of fear. Be sure to use the flickering lights where necessary and not everywhere.

No matter how you choose to use your lights for Halloween, LED is the way to go. LED’s don’t create heat that could cause a fire, can be customized in terms of color or strobe and can be controlled digitally. The best part is, LED’s don’t use enough energy to raise your electric bill during the holiday season.

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