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LED lights serve many different purposes. People use LEDs to save money, to get artsy, and even to grow plants. But you will need to traverse through different types of LEDs to find the wone perfect for intended use. For example, what are COB LED lights?

You may be wondering what are COB LED lights but the answer is easier than you may think, and they can be used in different situations.

LED Lights

You may be wondering what are COB LED lights but the answer is easier than you may think, and they can be used in different situations. Many people are familiar with the idea of DIP LEDs. These are the types of LEDs that you usually see on control panels or used in science classes. Think of a small dome with two metal prongs sticking out of the bottom. DIP stands for Dual In-Line Package LED, and they work for trivial things like notification lights on a control panel. But you can only use about 8 or 9 DIP LEDs on a 10mm x 10mm square LED array. DIP lights will provide a good amount of light, but most people need more lighting and that is when we turn to COB LED lights.

What are COB LED Lights a Flashlight with DIP LEDs

What are COB LED Lights

The answer is amazingly simple, COB LED lights are Chip on Board LED Lights. Take that same LED array and instead of covering it with DIP LEDS, simply cover it in LED chips and you’ve got yourself one big LED light. The best part is the chips work together in an array that creates a uniform of brightness. You can easily fit 342 COB LEDs in the same space where you can fit 9 DIP LEDs. In fact, many people have switched from DIP LEDs to COB LEDs.

Simplicity is Key

DIP LED lights operate with a single chip for each light. This is great for creating art or specific designs. However, DIP LEDs show up like an old television on camera. You have surely seen this before when you point your phone’s camera at a TV or something with LED lights and you see black diagonal lines moving up or down or up and down across the screen. However, COB LED lights operate together on one chip so it would be one solid source of light with the same brightness throughout. Essentially, it is like a net of lighting that can be controlled as one.

What are COB LED Lights Three LED Lights with COB LEDs

Heat is a Factor

What are COB LED lights? COB LED lights are separate LED lights that are connected to a single chip allowing them to be controlled at once. But there are slightly different than regular LEDs. For example, a regular LED you have in your home uses a few LED lights similarly to COB lights so that it operates as a single bulb. But COB LEDs are usually in an array and there are usually hundreds of them. These LEDs do create more heat than most LEDs but that is due to how many are in one array. That means you will need to use heatsinks to surround the front of the panel and you will also want a fixture with a fan built in. It is important to keep this in mind if you’re using multiple COB lights in one area.

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