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Area lighting is a type of lighting that helps cover larger areas of space. For example, you can find area lighting in warehouses and parking lots just about anywhere. However, you will want to use specific types of bulbs that can handle the distribution of light in a way that gets the job done. You can use accent lighting in store to help create an ambiance. But the area lighting is meant to do the heavy lifting in these areas and Truex general area lighting might be the best option for your business. But choosing the right lighting requires more than just knowing a good brand. Truex general area lighting for business can help you light the way for clients, customers, and anyone else who may require some sight. 

Truex general area lighting for business can help you light the way for clients, customers, and anyone else who may require some sight. 

Distribution is the Focus

You will want to focus on the distribution of the light when shopping for LED area lighting. You can ask an electrician if you are not sure what your needs may be. However, there are just a few things you will want to consider. The first type of distribution is known as symmetrical light. A great example of this is when the width of the light being distributed has a width that is similar in size to the height of the fixture. You can easily find this walking along sidewalks, or border lighting. 

Asymmetrical Lighting

Symmetrical seems like the perfect solution for many situations but there is also asymmetrical. You can find Truex general area lighting for asymmetrical situations as well. Asymmetric light is distributed forward. However, these lights usually cast a light that only reaches about 2.75 times the width in height. People usually use asymmetrical area lighting installed on walls. 

Truex General Area Lighting on a Sidewalk

Versatile Lighting

Versatile area lighting is often used to light pathways or walkways. The lighting is installed along the sides of paths or alleys. The light is distributed outward but usually at a lower height. Still, the light is distributed well and can cover a wide area if installed at the right heights and distances apart. 

Versatile Type 2

There is an upgrade to versatile lighting that also throws the light outwards but can project the light 2.75 times the wider than the height of the fixture installation. That means this light is an upgrade to versatile lighting. However, these are most often used for around lawns, roadways, and in parking lots. 

Truex General Area Lighting A Parking Lot Lit with Area Lighting

Truex General Area Lighting 

There is also an easier option that may use more energy than you need. However, general lighting is meant to be more general. This lighting is the type 5 distribution lighting and can be used in any scenario where general lighting is needed. These lights will project light in all angles and cover large areas like inside stores, warehouses, parking lots, and about any situation. Truex has solutions for each scenario and can be depended on for your general lighting needs.

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