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Track lighting is one of the easiest to alter and customize. The idea is simple, you install the tracks and then attach the light fixture to the track. You can then slide the fixture along the track to alter its location. In fact, most track lighting fixtures can be twisted to different angles. But it gets even better with the different track lighting fixture types. You can utilize the different track lighting fixture types to create the perfect lighting scape in your store, at your warehouse, or in your office.

You can utilize the different track lighting fixture types to create the perfect lighting scape in your store, at your warehouse, or in your office.

Track Lighting Fixture Types | The Tracks

The first thing you will need are the tracks. There are more than a few track options available like the fixed track, swing arm track, standard track, and monorail track. The fixed track has fixtures already attached that cannot be moved along the track, just angled. The swing arm track also has fixtures already attached but the ends of the tracks can usually be swung back and forth. The standard track is a single track with slidable fixtures. A monorail track has fixtures that can slide back and forth as well. The difference is that the track can be bent to meet your needs or wants. You should first pick a track option before looking at fixtures. What you will be looking for are diverse types of fixtures but if the fixtures are already attached you will need to decide on both at the same time.

Track Lighting Fixture Types Different Types of Tracks


There are few options when it comes to the fixtures themselves. Of course, you can find assorted colors, shapes, designs and more customizable features. However, you will need to choose between the two options. The first option is the pendant light fixture. This is one of the more design-focused track lighting fixture types. Pendants come in assorted colors, shapes, and designs and can add a touch of design to any workspace.


The second of the two track lighting fixture types is the head. A head fixture is the most common type of track lighting fixture you will find. This often looks like a spotlight of sorts, but the light is not as bright or directed as a spotlight. These lights can be angled and if the track allows, slid around. Heads come in a variety of colors, designs, and even materials. You will often find these track lighting types in a store with the lights angled towards special products, sales, or more.

Track Lighting Fixture Types Lighting Fixtures in a Basement

Track Lighting Fixture Types | Buying Options

The last thing you will want to focus on before you start shopping is how you would like to purchase your track lighting. Some track lighting features can be bought separately and put together later. But you may also find track lighting solutions that fit your needs and wants and that are already put together. That makes the process easier, but you should not focus on finding the entire system already put together for too long. Just know that putting it together piece by piece is always an option.

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