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Shop lights are lights used in mechanic shops. These lights usually need to be bright lights that help the auto technician see what they are doing as they work on cars. That necessity usually has business owners skipping over the LED section and going straight for the lights that use more energy to produce more light. However, there are some tips to know for LED shop lights that could bring you back to the LED section.

Tips to Know for LED Shop Lights

The tips to know for LED shop lights could make you rethink how you are lighting your shop for auto techs to work efficiently.

LED Shop Lights

You may be familiar with normal shop lights which are usually fluorescent bulbs that take a little time to warm up. However, these bulbs will produce a lot of light once they have warmed up. You can find shop lights in garages, workshops, or even warehouses that store products for other retail locations. You will find that most traditional fluorescent bulbs are used to light an area of 4 feet. That means you may need multiple fluorescents to light one area. But LED bulbs can get the job done just as well. In fact, LED bulbs can do the job better.

Tips to Know for LED Shop Lights Set of Tools on a Work Station


The best tips to know for LED shop lights involve the cost of lighting. Every business owner knows that every dollar counts. LED bulbs last much longer than any fluorescent bulb. That means you can spend less money on replacing them repeatedly. Not to mention, most shops have the lights closer to the ground which means they could be struck by tools and replaced more often.

Less Energy

Another way LED shop light save money is through the amount of energy used to produce the same amount of light. These lights will and can be as bright as the lights you have now. In fact, LED flood lights are used to light up sports fields during night games at your favorite stadiums. For example, say a fluorescent light costs about $4 a day to run during open hours. An LED bulb would cost you less than $1 to run during business hours.

Tips to Know for LED Shop Lights Person Working on Brakes


You may not think that having colored lights in a shop would be best. However, there are times when seeing color, true color is especially important in some workshops. You can use LED bulbs to enhance the light spectrum and CRI so that you can see color more clearly. In fact, LED lights can be altered in ways that fluorescents just cannot.

Two Types of LED Shop Lights

One of the most important tips to know for LED shop lights would be the types. There are two types of LED shop lights currently available. The integrated LED shop light and the retrofitted lights. Integrated means that the fixture was built specifically with a bulb in place. Integrated is usually the best option for LED lighting in a workshop. Retrofits mean the bulb can be removed and often, it is an old fixture that is adapted to LED bulbs.

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