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Lighting has come a long way from the warm glow of a candle. Today, technology has allowed for even more improvements that are beneficial in more ways than just the purpose of lighting a room. Now you can light a room, save energy, lower energy bills, add color and even use smart devices as light switches. The ability to use LED lighting is the reason behind all of the new benefits of lighting.

Though not everyone knows the benefits of LED lighting; here is what you need to know.

The Benefits of LED Lighting


Traditional lighting can now be seen as the inefficient way of lighting a room or business. The use of LED lighting can prove to be 80-90% more efficient. The question is what does that jump in efficiency mean? Traditional lighting produces two forms of energy, one being light, and the other being heat. LED lighting produces less heat than a traditional bulb which allows for less energy to be used in order to light up a room.


LED lights are made of very durable materials. This means that LED lighting can be used outdoors with no need to worry. LED lights are shock, impact and weather resistant, so using LED lights outdoors is safe.


LED light is very easy to focus at one point or spread over a large area. There is no need for reflectors. Lighting a room or maintaining focus at one point is just another way the LED lighting allows for an efficient life.

Eco Benefits of LED Lighting


The materials used to make LED lights are not only rugged but 100% recyclable. No toxic chemicals are used in the making of LED lights, which make them completely safe for the environment. Even better is the longevity of LED lights that means fewer bulbs will be thrown away.


One problem with older lighting systems is they take a while to heat up and produce light; not with LEDs. Flip the switch on an LED light and get immediate results. Another benefit includes flipping on and off the lights. Older lights will lose their ability to light a room with every flip of the switch; LED lights will never lose their purpose.

Adding Color

Using the technology that is available to us, LED lighting can easily be changed or focused. Dimming lighting, adding color and controlling the lights with smart devices has revolutionized the lighting industry. All of this is thanks to LED lights.


Museums and art galleries know that high UV or infrared emission is terrible for sustaining works of art or pieces from history. LED lights produce far less UV and infrared light, making them safer to use with some goods and materials.

Knowing the benefits of LED lighting is just the beginning. Since there are so many options to what kind, color, shape and size of LED lighting. That’s just another joy of LED lighting, start your adventure today.

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