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There are many uses for spotlights in a business. Normal fixtures usually allow the light to spread out and fill a room. But spotlights are usually brighter lights that are narrowed in on a specific spot. This allows you to draw attention to a certain spot or create a safe spot outdoors, or just use them as a design feature. The most important thing is that you utilize some smart spotlight tips for businesses. That’s right, not only are spotlights available but smart spotlights are even better. Smart spotlight tips for businesses can help put a spotlight on merchandise or on the safety of your employees outside the building.

Smart spotlight tips for businesses can help put a spotlight on merchandise or on the safety of your employees outside the building.

Smart Spotlight Tips Size

The first thing you will want to determine is the size of the spotlight. There are a few different types of spotlights known as MR, BR, and PAR. Those are the types and the size usually come as a number that represents the diameter of the bulb in 1/8ths of an inch. For example, you may come across an MR16 spotlight. The bigger the diameter the more watts are used. This is important to know because the spotlight fixture will tell you what size bulb to use.

Fixture Then Bulbs

The best smart spotlight tips will help make sure you don’t buy the wrong bulb for the fixture. The fixture will need to come first and that is how you will decide the bulb to buy. However, that isn’t the only thing you will want to discover first. For example, the diameter of the light provided by the spotlight will be determined by the distance and the size of the bulb.

Smart Spotlight Tips Colored LED Spotlight Shining on a Woman in a Room

Determining Distance

Some spotlights may be adjustable, but most will come with a fixed diameter. Say you want to shine a spotlight on an area that has a 10-inch diameter. You will want to make sure you have the right sized bulb for that situation and hang the fixture at the right distance for that. The smaller the distance the smaller the diameter of the spotlight but also the brighter it will be. Trial and error will be the safest bet here, but you could run the numbers as well.

A Dash of Color

Smart LEDs have a lot of functionality. You can set the lights on a timer, control them from a phone or computer, and even change the color. Normal spotlights were never able to change colors without using a filter. But now you can change it at the press of a button. Utilize this when you use spotlights as décor features. However, most spotlights will be used as normal lights which means you will want to determine how yellow or how blue you want the light. 2700K provides more of a classic incandescent color and as the number goes up the light gets bluer. 5000K and above will be a blueish color and should only be utilized as a design feature.

Smart Spotlight Tips Woman Adjusting a Spotlight

Why LED Over Classic

Classic spotlights are great but the require a lot of energy. For example, an incandescent produces 800 lumens using 60 Watts of power. An LED bulb produces 800 lumens using only 10 Watts. There is a massive difference in the Watts that are needed to produce the same amount of light. Watts is how energy is measured by your power provider. So, you can think of 1 Watt as being equal to a specific amount of money determined by your local energy provider. This puts things into perspective as far as costs vs energy used.

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