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Satco LED HID replacement bulbs are perfect for upgrading HID lights. In fact, HID lights should be the top priority for most since HID lights may be the least efficient. There is a reason people use HID lights, but LEDs can do the same thing with far less energy which translates to energy savings.

Satco LED HID replacement bulbs are a great way to drastically lower energy costs for businesses that utilize HID lighting.

HID Lighting

Satco LED HID replacement bulbs are a great way to drastically lower energy costs for businesses that utilize HID lighting. Before anyone can fully understand the importance of upgrading to Satco LED HID replacement bulbs they must first understand HID lighting in general. HID stands for “High-Intensity Discharge” lighting. The way they work is simple, these bulbs use gas discharge to create a light by sending electricity through the plasma or ionized gas. The result is a very bright light and since gas is utilized, they last long as well. In fact, HID lighting has been used for over 300 years. A great example of a light that utilizes gas is neon. Neon gas is used to create the bright colors we see in neon signs all over the world.

Satco LED HID Replacement Baseball Field with Stadium Lights Turned On

Business Utilizing HID

There are many different types of business that utilize HID lighting. The goal is always to create as much light as possible to help keep customers and clients safer after the sun goes down. We have all seen HID lighting being used but may not have known it. In fact, we see HID lighting daily. We see them in streetlights, gyms, warehouses, larger retail facilities, and most commonly in stadiums or at sports parks. HID lighting is even used in headlights of some higher-end vehicles because they last long and can really light up a highway.

LED HID Lighting

Satco LED HID replacement bulbs operate completely different than HID bulbs. There is no gas in LED bulbs which some may think makes them lesser than. For example, HID bulbs utilize the gas to amplify the light emitted by the arc. But LED bulbs don’t have a gas that amplifies the light. Luckily, LED bulbs are capable of producing a light that is just as bright. The question is, does the value of the savings make sense against the cost of the upgrade?

Satco LED HID Replacement Soccer Field at Night

Source vs System Efficiency

We can turn to source vs system efficiency to understand the value we gain from Satco LED HID replacement bulbs. Source efficiency is when the bulb is very efficient at the source. For example, you will get amazing results if you measure the amount of light coming from the HID bulb but it that efficiency starts to fade the further away you get from the bulb. That is where we find system efficiency, it is the amount of light that hits the target.

You can even compare the two efficiencies in each bulb. HID bulbs have 25% of the source efficiency as it’s system efficiency. Take two glasses, one filled with water and the other is empty. Now pour the water from the full glass into the empty glass. HID bulbs are like that but only 25% of the water made it into the empty glass. LED bulbs may not be able to fill the empty glass but 50% of the water will make it. Therefore, it is important to look into Satco LED HID replacement bulbs.

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