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Shopping for LED bulbs might be a little difficult if you do not know what to look for. You must determine which bulbs will work in your fixtures if a retrofitting is necessary or even a complete remodel of the fixtures in your space. But LED bulbs are like any other product, reviews may help. Look to one of the most popular companies in industrial lighting, Satco. Satco LED bulb reviews might help you decide or even learn more about LED lighting. Satco LED bulb reviews can help you discover what to look for in LED bulbs for your business in a way that is backed by the experiences of others.

Satco LED bulb reviews can help you discover what to look for in LED bulbs for your business in a way that is backed by experience.

Equal to Incandescent

Many people are familiar with the type of lights that normal incandescent bulbs put out. However, LED bulbs can operate on an RGB base meaning getting that incandescent look can be difficult. But Satco LED bulb reviews point to it being one of the few companies that have products that can replicate incandescent light. This also ties into the way light spreads, its brightness, and the amount of power used. But you can see the reviews that state how well light is dispersed with Satco lighting, the lack of heat, and the distance the light can cover.

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Discovering Kelvin

Read the Satco LED bulb reviews and you will see a lot about kelvin, or more often referred to as “K”. For example, you may see someone say that “2700K LED” but the number may change from bulb to bulb. Kelvin or “K” represents the brightness of the bulb. The higher the marked kelvin the brighter the bulb. You will find that 2700K LED bulbs can come close to replicating 55W halogen R20 flood lights. On the other end of the spectrum you can find 5000K LEDs that are brighter than incandescent lighting. It is important to understand that LEDs are powerful, if not more powerful and more efficient than classic bulbs.

LEDs Dim

One thing many people are worried about when diving into the world of LED bulbs is the dimming factor. Do LED bulbs dim like incandescent? The answer is yes. These bulbs will dim just like the bulbs you are familiar with. There was a time when LED bulbs were not able to dim and those were early builds that functioned as well as now. But there have been forward moves in the industry and now, almost every LED bulb you find will be dimmable. This is something you will find talked about a lot in Satco LED bulb reviews.

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Loss Over Time

You may have noticed that some bulbs start to produce weaker and weaker light as time goes on. LED bulbs are touted as bulbs that can last for 5 years or more. The question many people seek in reviews is if the light is as strong as day one on year 4. The answer is yes. LED bulbs are not producing heat, not as much heat as an incandescent bulb. That means there is no filament that is burning constantly as a light is turned on. That is one of the biggest benefits of LED bulbs. Long and bright lifespans.


Businesses have plenty of light fixtures that all need to be filled. That could spell a costly retrofitting project. However, this needs to be looked at as an investment. You will be paying a bit more upfront, but LED bulbs will also save you money. In fact, you could keep track of the energy savings after the retrofit. Eventually, the project will pay for itself. In fact, Satco LED bulb reviews point to these bulbs doing exactly as they promise. You will save money, you will get bright light, and you will get the spread you are looking for with Satco LED bulbs.

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