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Spotlights and flood lights are both used to produce a lot of light. But there are big differences between the two that could change the way you light up your space. Morris floodlights vs spotlights can help shine a light on the best decision for your situation.

Morris floodlights vs spotlights can teach us a thing or two about lighting up a variety of different spaces from a warehouse to a boutique.

What is a Spotlight

Morris floodlights vs spotlights can teach us a thing or two about lighting up a variety of different spaces from a warehouse to a boutique. A spotlight is a fixture that produces a strong beam of light. The light is usually no wider than 45 degrees but can absolutely be smaller. The goal of a spotlight is to produce a beam of light that can be focused on specific areas. This method of lighting draws attention to wherever the light is pointing. For example, you can find spotlights in museums pointing at artwork or in theaters pointing to the performers.

Floodlights vs Spotlights A Stage with a Red Curtain and a Spotlight Shining on it

What is a Floodlight

Flood lights also produce a beam of light that can be used to draw attention to specific areas. However, the biggest difference is that floodlights have a beam that can spread up to 120 degrees. That is almost three times as wide as the widest spotlight. That enormous difference could lead to the question, why even compare the two? However, there are still people out there who use a spotlight instead of a floodlight and a floodlight instead of a spotlight. The difference could lead to energy savings in both scenarios.

Uses of Floodlights vs Spotlights

Spotlights are commonly used in businesses around the world. They are used to draw costumer’s attention to specific items that might be on sale or are brand new. Businesses also use spotlights to draw attention to artistic features both décor and architectural. The goal of these lights is to light up the building making it feel safer and more luxurious. Floodlights are quite different. We use floodlights to light up larger areas like warehouses, parking lots, and even stages.

Floodlights vs Spotlights People on a Field at Night with Floodlights Shining Down on Them

How to Decide

The best thing you can do when planning on which light to choose is to do the math. Looking at floodlights vs spotlights seems like it would be an easy call. However, the distance from the fixture to the floor or the area you want to light will make a significant difference. Here is the equation you can use to make the decision, angle of beam x 0.018 x distance from light bulb = beam width. For example, you have a floodlight with an angle of 80 degrees. You can see how wide the beam would be from 10 feet away by plugging those numbers into the equation. It would be 80 degrees x 0.018 x 10 feet = 14.4 feet wide.

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