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Small businesses are working hard to get to a place where they can profit. That usually means finding ways to save money. But businesses shouldn’t be cutting corners with services or products offered to save. Luckily, there are more energy saving products for your business that can help.

Energy saving products for your business will make enough of a difference in the bottom line to be more than worth it.

Energy Saving Products for Your business Lighting

Energy saving products for your business will make enough of a difference in the bottom line to be more than worth it. Lighting is the easiest thing to start with. You can start by simply replacing bulbs with energy efficient bulbs. Of course, there is more that can be done that would equal even more savings. However, retrofitting your building with new LED fixtures may be out of the budget. One of the best ways to tackle this would be to start with just the bulbs and then slowly retrofit room by room.

Power Strips

Have you heard of phantom energy? Phantom energy is the small amount of energy that devices use even when they are turned off. Keeping things like computers and printers plugged in will cause them to use phantom energy. However, you can’t unplug every computer every night. But you can invest in power strips. This is a simple solution that is far easier to manage. Just plug in computers, printers, copy machines, whatever appliances you have in your business that can safely be unplugged daily. The power strips will allow you to easily turn off multiple computers at once and it will prevent the devices from draining phantom energy.

Energy Saving Products Interior of a Coffee Shop


Your landscaping is not exactly energy saving products for your business. However, you can use landscaping to help save money on energy costs. You can plant trees in strategic areas to create shade around your building which lowers costs on heating or cooling. You can also plant trees to block winds which lowers heating cost during winter. The energy savings won’t be drastic but it will be enough to make it worth the effort. However, you must be in control of your building’s landscaping in order to do this.

Natural Sunlight

Another way to save money on lighting is to utilize natural light as much as possible. Avoid using shades or blinds in your office space. The goal should be to let as much sunlight into your building as possible. There may be some days when you don’t even need to turn on the lights at all. Not to mention, natural lighting improves how employees work.

Energy Saving Products Woman Working at a Table in an Office Building

Water Heaters

People often forget that running hot water adds costs in two ways. The first way is in water costs but the second is in energy. A household water typically runs 3-5 hours a day and costs an average of $36.50 a month, $438 per year. However, a small business can use far more water than a household would which mean those fees are doubled or tripled. The only way to improve these costs would be to get the most energy efficient water heating system available.

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