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LED lighting is commonly used in the house and in businesses everywhere. By simply using an LED bulb we use less energy, get longer life out of each bulb and pay less in energy bills. LED bulbs come in many different shapes, sizes, and types which means they can be used in many different types of situations like in the garage. Just like in the home, there are many LED lighting ideas for your garage that will change the way your garage works.

Spend more time in your garage by finding the best LED lighting ideas for your garage and maybe even smarten things up in there.

Spend more time in your garage by finding the best LED lighting ideas for your garage and maybe even smarten things up in there.

Shop Lights

Shop lights are commonly fluorescent bulb fixtures that come with two or four bulbs and also use a lot of energy. Luckily, there are LED bulbs that can be placed into fluorescent fixtures and use less energy with higher output.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is a great way to shine a spotlight on whatever you need which is especially great in the garage. Use LED recessed lighting to shine a spotlight on your projects, walkways, or storage spaces.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is most commonly used in a kitchen or dining room. However, use a pendant light fixture above your workstation in your garage for more focused lighting. You can even use LED lighting like Philips Hue to make the pendant lighting work even harder for you.

Simply Replace Existing Bulbs

LED bulbs don’t create heat in the way that older bulbs do and that proves to be beneficial in the garage. That lack of heat will not attract insects to your garage lighting. Simply adding LED lighting to your existing fixtures will give you all of the benefits with little work.

Motion Sensor LED

Security is important especially when you store your car or expensive tools in your garage. There are motion sensor activated LED bulbs by Philips Hue and other manufacturers that will get the job done. They even help when you arrive home late at night and need some light to light up your walk to the house.

LED Lighting Strips

Attach lighting strips under cabinets or along a shelf to help light up the darker spots in your garage. This will also add style to your garage and if you use smart LED strips, you can change the colors as well.

Spend more time in your garage by finding the best LED lighting ideas for your garage and maybe even smarten things up in there.

Light Bar

A light bar is a bar fixture with multiple spotlight fixtures attached to the bar. These fixtures can be moved and angled to give the most light to a specific spot in your garage. LED bulbs work great in these fixtures and will give you the exact amount of lighting you need for whatever you need.

Pot Lights

Pot lights are great lighting ideas for your garage and put light in many areas. Many people consider the only bulbs to work in pot lights to be CFLs but LEDs will also work in pot lights. Use pot lights in the corners of your garage to avoid any shadows.

Strip Ceiling Lights

Imagine a fluorescent light in your garage. You’re probably picturing a bar of light that casts downward and hangs a few inches from the ceiling. Now remove that fixture from your mind and replace it with a simple stip of LED lighting that has been attached to your ceiling. You could theoretically create an entire ceiling filled with light to make one enormous panel of light.

Flood Lighting

Many of us are familiar with floodlighting lighting ideas for your garage just outside of the garage. There are LED flood light bulbs that can be used in the same manner. Simply replace the floodlighting you have currently with LED flood lighting and you’re set.


Some garages have a little more style than others. Use LED bulbs to create that style in your garage with a stop light that’s always lit or a “Don’t Walk” sign. Using LED bulbs will let you keep these lit as long as you’d like without using too much energy or heat.

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