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IoT is capable of many different automated things. People use IoT in their smart homes on a regular basis. But there are ways to use IoT at work. However, automated tasks may be slightly different at work than at home. But you could learn how to use IoT at work and still get the benefits you’d hope for. The trick is not forcing it but using it in ways that would make sense for you. 

Learning how to use IoT at work could really make a difference in how easily and smoothly things run in the office or warehouse.

Learning how to use IoT at work could really make a difference in how easily and smoothly things run in the office or warehouse.

What is IoT

IoT is relatively simple to understand, it stands for the Internet of Things. The Internet of things is a network of devices you create at home or at work that works together. The easiest way to understand it is to compare it to dominoes. You can line dominoes up and if one falls it knocks the next in line down and so on. The internet of things turns smart products into dominoes. For example, people can set up their IoT so that when the lights turn on and the music starts to play when their smartphone connects to their home WiFi. The smartphone connection was the first domino, the lights turning on was the next domino, and the music playing was the next. The best part is, the user didn’t need to touch a thing, everything was automated once the phone connected to the home WiFi. 

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How to Use IoT at Work

You will first need to have smart devices that can be controlled with automation. Pretty much any smart device has IoT capabilities. But you will want to make sure that the devices you have are capable of working with a smart speaker or smart assistant. That is one way you can be sure that the device is IoT capable. That is the first thing to know when learning how to use IoT at work. 

Smart Assistant

Alexa has become a very popular home assistant. But a lot of the features are meant to be used at home. Luckily, there is Alexa for Business which adds more functionality and higher levels of syncing. You could use Alexa and IoT to keep track of meetings, weather, and so many more custom settings. 

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You could also learn how to use IoT to track printing supplies. For example, the first domino could be toner running low. You could make the next domino as simple as a warning so you know that you need to order new toner. In fact, you could make it so Alexa orders your new toner when it runs low without you having to do a thing. This way, a package arrives at the office as soon as your printer warns you of low toner, paper, or ink. 

Smart Vacuums

There are even smart vacuums that could help keep the office floors cleaned. You could set up your IoT so that your smart vacuum gets to work as soon as the workday is done. Smart vacuums come in many different sizes with many different features but this is an easy way to keep the floors clean without having to put a single thought into it. 

There are more ways you could use IoT at work, you just need to diagnose your needs and find a smart product that does it. Your smart products can then be controlled through IoT once you set things up.

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