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There are many types of LEDs that can be used in a garage. But most garages need plenty of light as they work on clients’ cars or sort their storage in a garage-like space. LEDs are capable of a good amount of light. In fact, there are plenty of LED lighting ideas for your garage that can make a significant difference.

The best LED lighting ideas for a garage can make It easier to work without having an intern hold the light for you.

The Days of Old

The best LED lighting ideas for a garage can make It easier to work without having an intern hold the light for you. Garages often use high bay lighting or fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is powerful and can give people the amount of light they need to see inside an engine bay with ease. But fluorescents can also be costly as they need to be changed regularly. Fluorescents also have an issue with colder weather which can be a big problem for mechanics that live in parts of the country that have really cold winters. In fact, most fluorescents won’t work if it is below 50 degrees. That is why we turn to LEDs for lighting solutions in garages.

LED Lighting Ideas for a Garage Engine Block on a Lift in a Garage

LED Lighting Ideas for a Garage

There are many reasons to turn to LED lighting in garages. Obviously, you won’t have to worry about the weather when you turn LED lights on. However, there are even better benefits to LED lighting. LED lights use less wattage than a fluorescent light by about half. In fact, LEDs use 90% less wattage than incandescent bulbs. Though many shops won’t be using incandescent bulbs anyway. The best benefit of LED lighting is the lifespan. LEDs will save your business money simply by lasting longer than any other type of light on the market.

LED Tube Lighting for Garages

LEDs come in many different forms from strips to tubes and everything in between. Tube lighting is best because most shops already have what they need to setup LED tube lighting fixtures. The entire tube is the bulb which means each tube will offer the most direct light so you can see what you’re doing. They also have different sized tubes for different types of fixtures. You can find in-ceiling tubes or tubes made for suspended fixtures. Either one will do, and you will be satisfied with the amount of light you get from each tube.

LED Lighting Ideas for a Garage Man Working on a Car

How Many Lumens

LED lighting ideas for a garage are great but you should pay close attention to the lumens of each bulb. Professionals recommend using 50 lumens per square foot of your garage. Say you have a small garage that is only 14 feet wide and 22 feet long, about the size of a common home garage. That means there are 308 square feet, multiply that by 50 and you have a total of 15,400 lumens. That means two LED bulb fixtures that offer 7500 lumens each will provide enough light. Luckily, there are tubes out there that can provide a lot of lumens. There are tubes that offer upwards of 3,334 lumens per tube.

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